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Putin's Media-war
enemies of press-2001


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  New York, March 27, 2000 --- During the 1996 Russian presidential campaign, many voters were swayed by TV footage of Boris Yeltsin jiving with a dancer at a youth rally. Pro-Yeltsin stations splashed the footage because they wished to project an image of Yeltsin as a dynamic, youthful reformer. The TV image that helped assure Vladimir Putin's victory... New York, May 3, 2001 - The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) today named the Ten Worst Enemies of the Press for 2001, focusing attention on individual leaders who are responsible for the world's worst abuses against the media. President Putin, for example, pays lip service to press freedom in Russia, but then maneuvers in the shadows to centralize control... разное
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  THE FIRST YEAR OF VLADIMIR PUTIN'S PRESIDENCY has been a trying time for Russian civil society generally and for the media in particular. The new president has steadfastly worked toward Soviet-style centralized control over the vast country, battling Yeltsin-era oligarchs, wayward regional leaders, and non-governmental organizations. All this activity has been undertaken under the Orwellian slogan of creating "manageable democracy," although it would be more accurate to call it "managed"...
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